EdgeFund is an open-source, blockchain-based platform which offers a decentralised shared bankroll through the Ethereum network. This allows licensed game operators to provide fixed odds games, without any bankroll of their own, at zero financial risk.  


The Team


Colin McCrae - Co Founder, CEO

Colin's passion for computer programming began in high school when he spent much of his spare time writing code in QuickBASIC. His applications included screensavers, casino games, encryption tools, and a chat application that he deployed on the school computer network which proved quite popular.

Having an aptitude for science, mathematics, and problem-solving, Colin decided to pursue a career in engineering. He graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (now part of the University of Manchester) in 2004 with a BEng (honors) in Chemical Engineering.

He entered the professional world as a graduate process engineer working for an oil and gas engineering consultancy. Initially working with the environmental team, he coded a Monte Carlo simulation to determine the percentile distributions of airborne pollutant concentrations based on large sets of historical meteorological and tanker loading data. His next challenge was working with a team of flow assurance engineers, using multiphase flow modeling software to design subsea flowlines and pipelines.

His interest in software development was rekindled as a process engineer working with a team of software developers building an operator training simulator, simulating the entire process of an offshore oil platform and replicating the control room screens and inputs. This provided valuable full life cycle experience taking a design specification all the way through to final hand-over to the client.

After being introduced to Bitcoin and the concept of blockchain by receiving tokens hidden inside a picture, Colin ended up deep down the rabbit hole and has never looked back. He was instantly impressed by the potential applications of this new technology after reading the Bitcoin and Ethereum white papers. He has since been involved with Blockchain technology as a blockchain investor, analyst, and as an Ethereum developer. After developing the EdgeFund concept, Colin co-founded EdgeFund in 2017 with several former colleagues.


Andy Watt- Co Founder, Technical Lead

Andy started coding on a Commodore 64, and hasn't really stopped since. Early highlights of his coding career included wiling away time at school programming his TI-83 calculator to play Snake and Blackjack. Andy went on to study Computer Science at the Robert Gordon University, receiving a 1st class degree with honours in 2008.

Subsequently, Andy has worked as a software engineer, developing technically innovative solutions for oil and gas applications. This has included real time monitoring systems, operator training with dynamic process simulations, and applying evolutionary optimisation techniques to offshore oil and gas production optimisation problems.

While working in the oil and gas industry, Andy has also studied Chemical Engineering, receiving a degree in Chemical Engineering with honours from the University of Strathclyde in 2014. This qualification allowed Andy to work more directly in the oil and gas industry, and use his joint skill set to foster collaboration and innovation across multiple engineering disciplines.

Given Andy's lifelong interest in programming, from a C64 to .NET Core, an involvement in programming for the worlds first distributed computer was inevitable. Andy's first involvement in blockchain technologies came from an interest in understanding the new programming paradigm presented by the Ethereum platform. Subsequent investments and significant research into all things crypto-related have embedded Andy firmly in the crypto-space.

In 2017, Andy co-founded EdgeFund with a number of friends and colleagues. With EdgeFund Andy is able to combine many years of experience as a software engineer with a passion for crypto currency. Andy's technical skills are a significant asset to EdgeFund, as he continues to progress the platform in his role at Chief Technical Officer.


Gareth Oates - Co Founder, Senior Developer

A graduate with 1st class honours in Computer Science, Gareth has a vast amount of practical programming experience and great problem solving and critical thinking skills. Gareth’s passion for programming and learning new skills has led him to work for a variety of different companies in multiple countries around the world. Whilst working as a consultant software engineer in the oil and gas industry he worked on a number of .NET based engineering projects in a variety of different sectors, including environmental, operator training and safety. Gareth worked from graduation in 2008 up to a senior software engineer role which he left in 2015.

In 2015 Gareth moved to Norway and began working as chief developer and project lead for an oil and gas based start up company, where he worked tirelessly to modernise and update the ageing client software that had dogged the company and hampered their progress. Just one year later the first version was successfully launched and the company were able to commercialise and start selling their hardware and software solutions.

Gareth has also worked as an in-house software developer for one of the leading Learning Management System companies in the world. His work there allowed him to improve the lives of over 7 million teachers and students.

Today Gareth works as a Senior Software Engineer for one of Norway’s largest software consultancies, and is currently seconded on a government project.  He has also learned the Norwegian language up to a professional working level.

Throughout his career he has always had a passion for learning and finding out ways to put the latest and greatest technology to use in order to solve customer problems. This unsurprisingly led him to discovering blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

Recognising the real world-changing potential of this technology, Gareth co-founded EdgeFund with his friends and former colleagues and sees it as the perfect opportunity to use his experience to build a solid platform in what is certainly a very exciting and rich technological space.



Ross Cormack - Co Founder, Project Manager

As an environmental consultant, with safety loss prevention engineering, project management and project engineering experience, Ross applies his strong analytical mind and project management skills to energy related projects located all over the world. He is responsible for environmental and safety engineering deliverables for offshore, nearshore and onshore developments in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and renewable industries.

Ross is experienced in managing small teams of consultants, client liaison, cost, time and resource allocation, literature review as well as compilation and drafting proposals, reports, permits, studies and papers in concept select, front end and detail design project phases, supporting some of the world’s largest engineering and energy providers. 

Primary responsibilities include social and environmental impact assessment, energy efficiency studies, best available technology assessments, facilitation of environmental hazard and risk identification workshops, and development of air, water and waste strategies for new and/or modified facilities. Working with different software, Ross also carries out oil spill modelling and air dispersion modelling for pollutants as well as oil in water and thermal discharge modelling.  

Ross became interested in blockchain technology after early conversation with fellow colleagues and friends, now Edgefund co-founders, and has been hooked ever since. Utilizing his research and literature review skills, he keeps a close eye on any developments in the space, particularly the exciting and innovative growth in blockchain applications, as well as the legal implications of utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in today’s markets. Ross is confident that blockchain technology is here to stay. He enjoys taking on new challenges and is looking forward to playing a role in the development of blockchain technology.